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Financial Empowerment Zone

Financial Empowerment Zone is a series of virtual financial literacy classes that teaches money management, investments, stock, bonds, assets, expenses, and credit responsibility.  


The goal is to prepare our youth for life-long decision making by teaching them to be financially responsible adults.  


The purpose of FEZ is to educate, motivate, and empower children to become regular savers and investors, thereby breaking the cycle of debt and poverty over their lives.  


The FEZ Members were recognized by President Barack Obama and Alabama Governor Robert Bentley.


"Being a hard worker is one of the most invaluable or priceless characteristics any person can ever possess. This is what separates those who only dream and those whose dreams become their reality." - Erica Scott Tolbert

Read more from our 2019 FEZ workshop keynote speaker here.

During our 2015 Financial Empowerment Zone Workshop, we hosted 

Career Day - featuring a variety of successful entrepreneurs,

para-professionals, and administrators.

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