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Johnny F. Cunningham is an Escambia County, Florida native, where he attended public school and graduated from Century High School. After graduating from high school, he attended and graduated from Jefferson Davis Junior College.  He also graduated from Florida Apostolic Bible Institute and Coastal Institute of Business in Pensacola, Florida.   Johnny holds an Associate’s in Emergency Medicine, a Bachelor of Arts in Business, a Master’s in Religion, and a Doctorate of Divinity in Christian Education.


In the year 1992 he founded J & J Trucking Company in Century Florida and managed it until 2007.  He also served as Director on the Century Chamber of Commerce in Century, FL, from 1994 to 1996.  His leadership abilities were further exemplified during his directorship of the Florida Apostolic Bible Institute. In 2000, he founded and incorporated TBBG Investment Corporation, where he currently serves as a director and treasurer.  In 2004, Johnny incorporated Color Print and has served as CEO for several years.  Also in 2004, he was appointed Vice President of the Florida Apostolic Bible College and Vocational Institute and still serves in that capacity.  He is also a member of Entrepreneurial Foundation of America.  Currently, he serves on a variety of boards in both Florida and Alabama. Johnny has attended numerous workshops and training to enhance his skills and sharpen his knowledge in the areas of finance, leadership and health.


In 2003, he founded and incorporated Agape Community Economic Development, Inc., in Selma, Alabama, where he currently serves as CEO. He spearheaded several other programs under the Agape umbrella, including Financial Empowerment Zone, the Community Annual Health Fair, the Agape Food Pantry and SIF


Johnny has traveled the United States and abroad conducting workshops and seminars for youth and adults as it relates to finance, entrepreneurship, and health.

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