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Agape Community Economic Development (ACED) Inc. has partnered with Dallas County System of Services (DCSOS) Inc., to provide STEM based afterschool and summer programming for scholars in grades K-8th. All programming is made possible by Children Trust Fund (CTF) of Alabama and Department of Human Resources (DHR)-Alabama and grants.

Agape Community Education Center opened its doors to scholars on January 23, 2023, to serve students primarily located in the Selmont area of Selma, AL that attend the following institutes:

Southside Primary School

Bruce K. Craig Elementary School

Tipton Durant Middle School.


Through this opportunity, we have been able to provide quality STEM based programming to seventy-five students. The students receive instruction via Zoom from a STEM Instructor and complete a STEM based activity using the project-based learning as a framework to create a conducive environment that is suitable for all learning styles amongst pupils. This prompts creativity and free thinking, while also maintaining student engagement.

The ability to serve students in their neighborhood decreases any possible barriers that may arise due to the lack of transportation. We seek to develop and maintain solid relationships with parents and guardians, since our programming main objective is promoting the well-being of children by providing a safe place for them to increase learning during out of school time.

Our initiative with this curriculum is to sponsor social responsibility amongst students while giving them agency of their learning - increasing pupils’ awareness that afterschool and summer programming can be both educational and FUN. With strong emphasis on literacy, we work to improve students’ ability to read and their comprehension skills altogether. And because we incorporate STEM based curriculum, mathematics and science become relatable as beautiful eloquent languages that help them make sense of their world. Overall, our aim is to increase their transfer of learning, which makes it relatable to the realities they live each day.

Students learning the basic fundamentals of Science
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